Insta360 Is a Company of Incompetent Liars

Insta360 blatantly misrepresents the most critical feature of their One X2 camera. There are other major problems with the device, but the misrepresentation is the most egregious. I bought an Insta360 One X2 to record motorcycle rides. The specifications proudly claim: Run Time 5.7K@30fps – 80 minutes This gives the impression that one can record […]

2023 4130 Chromoly Roundup

I need three, five-foot lengths of 7/8″ x 0.065″ 4130 Chromoly tubing, so here’s a price comparison: Seller Per Foot Price Shipping Total Wicks Aircraft and Motorsports $4.93 $73.95 $51.12 $125.07 Stock Car Steel $6.54 $98.18 $37.30 $135.48 Aircraft Spruce & Specialty $7.60 $114.00 $49.74 $163.74 Applied Racing Technology $7.65 (est) $114.75 (est) $51 (est) […]

How Cold is Too Cold to Spray Rustoleum Oil-Based Paint?

I wasn’t sure if there’s a lower temperature limit to spraying Rustoleum, but I took a chance. I needed to paint a steel cabinet. As night was falling, at a temperature of around 34°F, I sprayed Rustoleum Oil-Based (alkyd) enamel, thinned with acetone, using my trusty Harbor Freight HVLP gun. After sitting for a couple […]

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