Is Reputable?

I was looking for an EBC rear rotor for an RD04 Africa Twin, a bike which was never imported into the USA. No online shops in the country sold them, except, seemingly, one: TheRideStop.

I put the item in my shopping cart and was shocked to see a shipping price of several hundred dollars. This alerted me that the site might be a scam.

A few days later, I happened to look at the site again. This time, adding an item resulted in more normal fees. Something still seemed fishy, so I did a search on the name. I found only this:

DON’T use the Ride Stop! I was just ripped off by them and am having my CC co. charge back the money.

Also, this thread mentions:

Unlike the folks at where I ordered some W&M bags. It’s been a week now and I still don’t have a tracking number, let alone my bags!

To boot they stated (after I complained about the lack of shipping confirmation) “you paid less than anywhere else so this is the trade-off I guess.” Go figger.

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