Identifying Air Compressor Fittings

While attempting to rework the custom pluming on an old Harbor Freight compressor, I was having a difficult time figuring out what connectors I needed to order. This guide is, by far, the best explanation of the many types of fluid fittings that are out there:

How Cold is Too Cold to Spray Rustoleum Oil-Based Paint?

I wasn’t sure if there’s a lower temperature limit to spraying Rustoleum, but I took a chance. I needed to paint a steel cabinet. As night was falling, at a temperature of around 34°F, I sprayed Rustoleum Oil-Based (alkyd) enamel, thinned with acetone, using my trusty Harbor Freight HVLP gun. After sitting for a couple… Continue reading How Cold is Too Cold to Spray Rustoleum Oil-Based Paint?

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Jaiwen T10 SMD5050 Instrument Lights (

Here are two photos comparing OEM Honda Transalp instrument lights with the Jiawen T10 1.5W SMD 5050 LED instrument lights from DealExtreme ( SKU 394964): Both photos were taken at 1/4 second at f/5.6, ISO 800. The bright spot in the lower (LED) photo is because the Transalp instruments call for one lower-wattage bulb, which… Continue reading Jaiwen T10 SMD5050 Instrument Lights (

Spraying Gelcoat Cheaply

Spray Gun Options I’m reproducing a part in carbon fiber, which requires me to make a mold of the existing part.  For accuracy and durability of the mold, it’s best if the first layer is sprayed gel coat. Gel coat is normally sprayed with a “cup gun” like the E.S. G100 Cup Gun.  At around $175,… Continue reading Spraying Gelcoat Cheaply

Is Reputable?

I was looking for an EBC rear rotor for an RD04 Africa Twin, a bike which was never imported into the USA. No online shops in the country sold them, except, seemingly, one: TheRideStop. I put the item in my shopping cart and was shocked to see a shipping price of several hundred dollars. This… Continue reading Is Reputable?

1995 Grand Cherokee Track Bar Replacement

In an effort to eliminate a front-end clunk when steering, I installed a new Moog track bar. The toughest part of the process is removing the ball joint from the frame mount. The ball joint is pressed into a tapered hole in the bracket, and this bracket makes it impossible to use a pitman arm… Continue reading 1995 Grand Cherokee Track Bar Replacement